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IZA`s Zinc Saves Kids initiative has been supporting UNICEF in advancing efforts to combat chronic malnutrition and diarrheal diseases in children under five years of age by co-funding two effective intervention programs in Peru and Nepal:

  1. Supplementation with multiple micronutrient powders (MNP) including 5mg of zinc to fight chronic malnutrition and its life-long consequences on growth and cognitive development
  2. Administration of zinc tablets to treat acute diarrheal diseases (ADD)

These programs include the provision of MNP and zinc supplements, training of health personnel and community workers, educating parents on basic health care and feeding practices, technical assistance for procurement and logistics management as well as monitoring. IZA`s Zinc Saves Kids initiative has also been supporting UNICEF in conducting advocacy activities to institutionalize national policies to include zinc in the treatment of diarrhea and to prioritize the fight of chronic malnutrition on the national, regional and local government agendas.  

Since the initiative’s launch in 2010 more than one million young children have benefitted from these intervention programs.  To learn more about the Zinc Saves Kids-supported projects in Peru and Nepal, please check the annual progress reports below and read the stories of children who received treatment and help. In 2016 IZA launched a new partnership with UNICEF in Mexico. A first progress report will become available in 2018.

IZA has been supporting UNICEF's efforts to improve child health and survival in Peru from 2010-2017 during which important results were achieved: zinc has been successfully implemented for the treatment of diarrhea saving thousands of young children from dying; and over one million children benefitted from zinc containing multiple micronutrient powders strengthening their immune system and enabling them a healthy start in life.


From 2010-13 IZA`s funds through Zinc Saves Kids helped conducting MNP pilot projects in six regions and project expansion to an additional nine regions. Zinc Saves Kids also helped significantly increase the provision of life-saving zinc treatment for diarrhea through the public health system. In 2012 the Government of Nepal launched a multi-sector nutrition plan aimed at scaling up the MNP projects which were rolled out with the support of IZA`s Zinc Saves Kids`funds.



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